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Organic Sanitary Pads

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Organic sanitary pads are like regular pads but better for the environment. They're made from organic cotton without harmful chemicals like BPA or phthalates. This makes them comfy and safe to use. They're good for sensitive skin, too. Brands like Liwa make pads that reduce irritation. Since they're biodegradable, they don't harm the environment. By using organic cotton pads, women can feel better during their period and help the planet stay green.

Organic sanitary pads are made from eco-friendly materials. Here are some common types:

  • Organic Cotton Pads: These pads are made from organic cotton, which is soft, gentle on the skin, and can hold much liquid. Organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It breaks down quickly when thrown away, causing no environmental harm.
  • Bamboo Fiber Pads: These pads are super absorbent and made from bamboo fiber, which is naturally smooth and doesn't need chemicals to make it soft. They have tiny holes that help reduce menstrual odor.
  • Banana Fiber Pads: These pads are affordable and very absorbent. Banana fiber is naturally porous, making it great for pads. They're also gentle on the skin and break down quickly, suitable for health and the environment.

Organic Sanitary Pads are good for the environment and are made from materials that break down naturally. Liwa organic cotton pads are made of Nine layers of absorbent sheets using high-quality organic surgical cotton. They're thin, which means they let air through easily and can absorb Three times more liquid. These pads stay dry and breathable for long, even when busy or on the go. They don't have any harmful chemicals like phthalates, methylene chloride, toluene, or xylene.

Using organic sanitary pads is quite similar to using conventional ones. Here's how you use them:

  • Choose the Right Size: Each Liwa sanitary pad is individually wrapped for cleanliness and convenience. You'll find three sizes in each box: medium (M) for lighter days, extra- large (XL) for heavier flow days and (XXL) for Very heavy flow days.
  • Prepare the Pad: Peel off the cover on the adhesive strip of the pad.
  • Position the Pad: Place the pad in your underwear, aligning it with your body contour.
  • Secure the Pad: Press the adhesive to stick the pad to your underwear. Remove the tapes on the wings and secure them further.
  • Change Regularly: Changing the pad regularly is essential, ideally every four hours, depending on your flow. Only wear a pad for up to eight hours before changing it.
  • Dispose Properly: After use, Liwa organic sanitary pads come in individual disposable bags for easy and hygienic disposal.

Organic Sanitary Pads are a better option than regular ones for several reasons:

  • Chemical-Free: They're made without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic additives. Regular pads often contain dioxins, chlorine, and fragrances that can harm the skin and disrupt hormones. Organic pads ensure a healthier, chemical-free experience during menstruation.
  • Gentle on Skin: Organic cotton pads are designed to be gentle, making them great for sensitive skin or those prone to allergies. They're hypoallergenic and don't contain any harsh substances that irritate. These pads are soft and breathable, reducing the risk of rashes, itching, and irritation and providing maximum comfort during periods.
  • Leak Protection: Organic cotton pads are highly absorbent, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. The Nine-layered construction of pads like Liwa offers maximum leak protection, allowing you to carry out daily activities without worries.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Organic pads are made from biodegradable materials, unlike regular pads made of plastic, which contribute to environmental pollution. Switching to organic pads supports a more sustainable future.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: The cotton used in organic pads is non-GMO, meaning it doesn't contain genetically modified organisms or synthetic chemicals. This helps protect the environment.
  • Healthy Choice: Organic pads, such as those from Liwa, are healthy. Free from toxins and chemicals, they feature a gentle top layer that protects against allergies, rashes, and irritation. With long-lasting dryness, you can stay active and cheerful during your period.

The Liwa Rash-Free Sanitary Pads for Women are made of organic cotton to provide maximum comfort during periods. Here are the key features:

  • Skin-friendly: These pads are suitable for all skin types and prevent rashes. They're non-toxic and safe to use.
  • High Absorbency: Nine layers of protection offer three times more absorbency, perfect for heavy flow days.
  • Certified Safe: We hold a Plastic-Free Certificate & Rash-Free Certificate, ensuring they're free from harmful chemicals.
  • Size Options: Available in M, XL and XXL sizes to accommodate low to medium, heavy flow or Very Heavy Flow, respectively.
  • Individual Packaging: Each pad comes in its bag for easy disposal after use.
  • Price: Liwa rash-free sanitary pads range from Rs.129 to Rs.169, depending on pack size and current deals/offers.
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