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Organic Sanitary Pads - Medium Flow - 280 MM

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  • Rash Free: Gentle on sensitive skin, our Liwa Organic Sanitary Pads provide a rash-free experience.
  • Ultra-Thin: With a slim design, our pads offer discreet and comfortable protection.
  • Cotton Fiber Based: Made from natural cotton fibers, these pads are soft and breathable for all-day comfort.
  • Silky Soft: Experience unparalleled comfort with our silky soft Liwa Organic Sanitary Pads.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Our pads are infused with anti-bacterial properties, keeping you fresh and hygienic.
  • Chlorin & Toxin Free: Free from harmful chemicals, our pads ensure safe and healthy period care.

Product Details

Introducing the Liwa Organic Sanitary Pads - XL - 280 MM, tailored to provide unparalleled comfort and protection for those with a medium flow. Crafted with the utmost care and premium organic materials, our pads offer a luxurious feel and reliable leak protection, allowing you to move through your day confidently and easily.

Here's why our pads are a game-changer:

  • Optimal Comfort for Medium Flow: Designed specifically for medium flow, our XL-sized pads offer an ideal combination of coverage and comfort, ensuring you stay relaxed and at ease throughout the day.
  • Gentle on the Skin: Manufactured with 100% organic materials, our pads are exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin, providing a comfortable and irritation-free experience for your peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Breathability: Our pads feature advanced airflow technology, promoting breathability and reducing the risk of unpleasant odors so that you can feel fresh and comfortable for hours.
  • Dependable Leak Protection: Equipped with an innovative leak-lock system, our pads provide reliable protection against leaks, allowing you to go about your daily routine without any worries or disruptions.
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: You're making an environmentally friendly decision by choosing Liwa Organic Sanitary Pads. Our pads are biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring you move towards a healthier planet.

Experience comfort, protection, and sustainability with Liwa Organic Sanitary Pads - XL - 280 MM. Embrace your day confidently and comfortably with our premium organic sanitary pads designed for medium flow.

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At Liwa Pads, we redefine comfort and care through our meticulously crafted sanitary pads. With a perfect blend of luxurious softness and reliable protection, our pads are designed to make your period experience effortless and stress-free. Choose Liwa Pads for an unparalleled combination of comfort, style, and peace of mind, ensuring you stay confident and comfortable throughout your day.

Liwa XL Organic Sanitary Pads offer a superior choice for medium-flow days, providing the perfect balance of comfort and reliable protection. With their premium organic materials, these pads ensure a gentle and irritation-free experience, keeping you fresh and confident throughout the day. Embrace the natural goodness of Liwa XL Organic Sanitary Pads, designed to make your periods effortless and worry-free, even on medium-flow days.

Customers love our product because it delivers more than just sanitary pads; it offers a premium experience. Our brand of sanitary pads combines comfort, reliability, and style, making every period a breeze. With our focus on quality and innovation, we ensure that our customers stay fresh, confident, and comfortable, even on their busiest days. It's this commitment to excellence that keeps our customers coming back for more. Discover the difference with our brand of sanitary pads and experience the comfort and care you truly deserve.

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